Heroes of The Arcanum!

These Heroes Make The Arcanum Experience Magical

We’re so fortunate to have a League of Heroes committed to creating a magical experience for every Member of The Arcanum. We’re grateful, honored and humbled to be part of their team.

Herald of The Arcanum

Tiff Gilleland

Tiff Gilleland - Herald of The Arcanum

Tiff helps Applicants and Followers of The Arcanum stay connected to The Arcanum experience through our public pages on Facebook, Google+ and more venues to come! Tiff is committed to ensuring every soul that applies to The Arcanum can share in The Arcanum experience in some way.

Grand Librarian

Tanya Wallis

Tanya Wallis - Grand Librarian

Tanya (a.k.a. TW) not only looks after the rapidly growing Grand Library, but is also the Promoter of Practice. Tanya relentlessly surfaces and shares best practices, tools, resources from Masters and Apprentices across the communities.

Maester of Learning

Chris Thompson

Chris Thompson - Maester of Learning

Chris (a.k.a Jack Thatcher) supports the rich learning experience by working with Masters of The Arcanum to create Discipline-specific Leveling Guides.

Protector of the Product

Daniel Levy

Daniel Levy - Protector of the Product

Daniel ensures The Arcanum web application experience supports the rich learning and fun experience we’re devoted to delivering.

Editeur de Extraordinaire

Stuart Davidson

Stuart Davidson - Editeur de Extraordinaire

Stuart tirelessly combs the Grand Library for Editor’s Picks and works Magic with The Arcanum Chronicles Newsletter and eMagazine.