What Is The Arcanum?

Magical Academy of Artistic Mastery

A very old… ancient, in fact… way of learning and growing your Art through a Master & Apprentice relationship, powered by a NEW kind of academy. Imagine a type of Hogwarts, online in Augmented Reality, where you always have a connection to your Master and your fellow Apprentices. Get your head around that, and you’ll see where this is going…

A Proven Method for Learning

We believe that existing ways of learning art are broken. Brick and mortar multi-year programs are better for creating cogs in the global machine than for creating artists. Similarly, many online institutions have you pay monthly and give you access to hundreds or thousands of videos — a perfect recipe for being overloaded with options, but no clear path for personal growth.

Conversely, learning artistic disciplines through a Master & Apprentice relationship is a tried and true method proven through the ages of time. Sadly, this craft has been lost, replaced by institutionalized many-to-one learning and one-size-fits-all educational websites.

Read more about the Core Values of The Arcanum.

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Do I need Google Glass?

No, any device that connects to the Internet will work. Many of our Masters use Google Glass for live broadcasts and recorded videos, allowing for unique vantage points that hitherto have been impossible. No matter what technology you use, the key is that you’ll have a personalized human connection to your Master and your fellow Apprentices.

Why is there a Waiting List?

When you fill out an Application to join the Arcanum, you are placed into a special area where Masters will hand-pick their Apprentices. Because this is a human-to-human teaching scenario, it does not operate like other websites where your subscription simply gets you access to thousands of videos. This is an entirely new way of teaching. As things scale and new Masters emerge, they will pull more people from the waiting list. This will build slow and organically in a bottom-up manner. We want to do this right, and we appreciate your patience.

Other Frequently Asked Questions

The Master & Apprentice relationship has fallen to the wayside of modern history. We’re bringing it back in style.

Join us, and find yours.

How it Works

We are using an innovative infrastructure to connect Masters and Apprentices around the world. It doesn’t matter what kind of technology you personally use – anything from mobile phones to tablets to Google Glass to PCs – they all are different ways of sharing vision through our system.


An Apprentice has been invited into The Arcanum for the sole purpose of personal enrichment through the practice of creative artistry. They are to work with their Master and their fellow Apprentices within their Cohort to discover their own artistic path towards mastery of their own.
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Every Master oversees a Mastery Cohort, which is a small private group of Apprentices. All Apprentices work one-on-one with their Master, and in a community with their fellow Apprentices, to improve their skills, Level Up and find their own personal artistic path.
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From our strong Community emerge Heroes of The Arcanum. These Heroes are active Apprentices within The Arcanum. They generously volunteer their time to ensure the experience is engaging, challenging, rewarding and magical!.
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A Master is solely dedicated to the enrichment of all the Apprentices in their Mastery Cohort. A Master is there to guide each individual on their own artistic path. Masters are to serve as mentors… as artistic shamans… to understand the needs and goals of their apprentices and to help these desires be fully realized through a personalized path. Through these experiences, a Master will find new layers within to take their own art to a new level of transcendence.
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Leveling Up

We have a leveling system that adds to the whole magical fun feeling as Apprentices work toward the individual goals the Masters have set for them. Upon achievement of the goals, new levels and appellations are earned!
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A Master is there to guide each individual Apprentice on their own personal artistic path.

The Arcanum Masters

We are honored to have world-class Masters

This is just a small sampling of the many Masters in The Arcanum. Note these are all Sphere 2 Masters at Level 20. We will open up the expansion for Sphere 3 as the Apprentices level up. We’re watching…

Dallas Nagata White

Frederick Van Johnson

Laurie Rubin

Catherine Hall

Jeremy Cowart

Lisa Bettany

Jaime Ibarra

Miss Aniela

Bel Jones

Thomas Hawk

Karen Hutton

Alex Koloskov

Alexia Sinclair

Frank Doorhof

Hannah Lord

Rick Sammon

Dave Cross

Cliff Baise

Damion Hamilton

Jan Kabili

Valerie Jardin

Peter Adams

Varina Patel

& Many More!

Interested in becoming a Master?

Are you passionate about sharing your talents and techniques with others? Are you excited about mentoring others through their own artistic path? Perhaps you’re interested in one of our existing Disciplines or would like to establish a new one? If so, then we would love to hear from you! Click here to learn more about the expectations of a Master and the path to becoming a Master in The Arcanum.
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At every fifth level you will have a one-on-one critique of your work with your Master.

Come prepared, for you do not want to fail your Master for the last time.


We’re getting started with Masters dedicated to various fields of photography and other visual arts. As the Arcanum grows, we will add in other disciplines that benefit from the Master-Apprentice system of learning.

  General Photography
  Product/Studio Photography
  Event/Wedding Photography
  Hand Drawn Art
  Landscape Photography
  Portrait Photography
  Fashion Photography
  Street Photography
  Underwater Photography
  Many Other Disciplines

Interested in Other Disciplines?

If you’re interested in a particular Discipline that we do not currently offer please let us know! We are always looking to add new artistic disciplines. So go ahead and Apply Now as an Apprentice or as a potential Master. We are starting small but we’re growing fast!

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The Secrets of The Arcanum are there for you to uncover.

If you could build your own Augmented Reality school of Mastery of the Arts through Visual Sorcery, how would you do it?

You’d probably build it exactly like this, and this is just the beginning…

The Grand Library

Vast Resources with Personalized Guidance

We have an ever-growing library of videos — but it’s not what you think. While you’ll have access to the entire video library, your Master will help you choose the best videos for your own personal artistic path.

A Personal Touch

We make a departure from other sites filled with training videos. Vast libraries can be overwhelming for those learning a new technique. Most people don’t even know where to start. When they do finally select a few videos, they’re worried they might not be watching the best ones! In The Arcanum, all of these worries go away because your Master serves as your own personal librarian. For example, if you struggle with composition in photography, your Master may select subset of videos for you to watch.

Learning through Critique

The Grand Library will also be filled with countless “Critique” sessions,since they are all recorded as part of the “leveling up” process. Want to see what happens at the Level 14 Critique session for a particular Master? Just look it up! Want to see a Level 19 Critique for Model/Fashion Photography? It’s all there for you, at any time.

Core Value #6: “Treat everyone with harmonious respect and find the awesomeness in their minds”

Apply Now

We’ve got a fun application process that gets you started on your path through The Arcanum. You’ll provide us with some basic information about you, your passions and what Disciplines are interesting to you… landscape, architecture, portrait, model, or even something like hand-drawn art… whatever you prefer! We’ll add you to the Apprentice Antechamber, where you’ll wait for a Master to personally select you to be a part of their Cohort.

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You aren’t alone in your journey through the Arcanum…yes, you will have a personal relationship with your Master, but the real gold is found in your fellow Apprentices.

It is expected, and is, in fact, required that you cooperate with the other Apprentices to accomplish the goals, challenges, and assignments needed to level up.

If you play this the right way, you may learn as much from your fellow Apprentices as from your Master.